JOHN PERCEVAL: Art and Life>more…
This book presents a powerful insight into the art of John Perceval and reminds us what a strong and
fascinating artist he was.
Gerard Vaughan, Director, National Gallery of Australia (2104-2018)
This book brings an engaging and exasperating personality back to life.
Barrie Humphries
HOMESICKNESS: Nationalism in Australian Visual Culture >more…
Traudi Allen’s detailed and meticulously researched book: Homesickness: investigates how what
we see tells us who we are, and who we are, informs what we see, helping us to understand both
the blessings, the dangers and the mysteries of national identity.
Joanna Murray-Smith, Playwright and novelist, October 2008
ROAR! And quieter moments from a group of Melbourne artists 1980-1993>more…
An account of a dynamic Melbourne group of painters who circumvented the system to manage
their careers themselves
This book identifies intersecting aims and ideas in Australian art and brings new insights to
conventional arguments
PATTERNS OF A LIFETIME: A Biography of Clifton Pugh>more…
It’s a good book, E. G. Whitlam on launching Patterns of a Lifetime: A biography of Clifton Pugh.