Homesickness: Nationalism in Australian Visual Cultur John Perceval Roar and quieter moments from a group of Melbourne artists Cross-currents in Contemporary Australian art Patterns of a Lifetime: A biography of Clifton Pugh

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Traudi Allen has written widely on Australian art. Her second edition monograph on the leading Australian modernist, John Perceval, was published in 2015. This followed Homesickness, an examination of how contemporary Australian artists have responded to  expressions of nation and nationalism. Other books include Cross-Currents, an introduction to Australian contemporary art, a biography of the Melbourne landscape artist and portraitist Clifton Pugh and a history of the establishment of the Fitzroy Roar group.  Dr. Traudi Allen is an adjunct research fellow with the School of Philosophical, Historical and International studies at Monash University.

‘This book presents a powerful
insight into the art of John Perceval,
and reminds us what a strong and
fascinating artist he was.’

Gerard Vaughan, Director,
National Gallery of Australia

Poignant and insightful, Allen
knowingly takes her time to
express the full complexity of
Perceval’s work and his  personality.
Lucy Stranger, Arts Journalist,
Artist Profile magazine, Nov. 2015