The Knife And The Fork Go Dancing

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With illustrations by Robert Cowan.


Through the series, multi-racial, single-parent and conventional families interact with household objects to discover solutions to the life problems we all face.

‘When I saw The Knife and the Fork Go Dancing, I thought, cool, I can’t wait to read it. The title alone is intriguing. The illustration of the utensils entwined in a tango is clever…The cover gives no real clue to why the knife and fork dance. A parent and child could spend a while predicting what might happen, which is a good literary exercise. Except for the dancing spoons, forks and plates in the musical number from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast I’m unaware of other uses of anthropomorphised flatware.’ Daniel Friedman, Raising Kids in Arizona, 9 Jan 2013.


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‘Colorful illustrations bring vibrant life to this lovely parable.’ Children’s Bookwatch USA vol 23 No.1 Jan. 2013.

‘What a great lesson for children with siblings!…reading Allen’s book, you can talk with your children about friendship, working together, and even equality.’ Snacks for Max, nutritional value for little brains, 29 August 2012.40-41